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Arm Length Home Sales are sales where you have a buyer and a seller that have no connection to each other and are doing a regular home sale transaction without being influenced or being under any distress or status.

According to a survey, 72% of home seller were dissatisfied with the performance of their real estate agent, even when the agent has sold their property. However most listing agreements look you into long-term commitments and lengthy broker protection periods with heavy cancellation fees. In simple terms, it's an agreement your agent can get out of, but you can't.

That is why Florida Connects doesn't belief in long term contract with any seller. When working with Florida Connects Incorporated, seller can cancel their contract at any time before receiving an offer if they are not satisfied with the service Florida Connects provides and they will pay nothing.


A Short Sale is an agreement between the Seller(property owner) and the lender whereby the lender agrees to accept less than full amount owed in order to release the property from the existing mortgage.

A lenders decision to agree to a Short Sale is purely financial. Will the lender lose more money in foreclosure action or Short Sale? The lender will choose whichever method will reduce the lender's loses in the transaction.

Working with Florida Connects on a Short Sale as a Seller we will developing a financial statement, hardship letters, and other information that may be requested by the lender. We then negotiate with the lender to obtain the lowest possible mortgage pay off.

Our Auction Type Selling Strategy is a great option for Seller that own more on their mortgage than the house is worth while it provides a fast, efficient, and convenient way to sell your home in a manner that is fair to all parties involved the buyer, the seller and the lender who needs to approve the short sell.


Seller is hereby notified that Broker is not qualified to provide financial, legal or tax advice regarding a short sale transaction.

Therefore, the Seller is advised to obtain professional tax advice and consult independent legal counsel immediately regarding the tax implications and advisability of entering into a short sale agreement.

Not all Sellers will qualify for a short sale approval! If you stop paying your mortgage, you could lose your home and damage your credit.


When a Lis Pendens is filed with the court the lender has started the Foreclosure procedures.

When selling a home in foreclosure procedures time is off the essence.

Selling your house fast and at your price is still an option and we value speed in the real estate transaction, all while working to get top dollars for your house. Our network of professionals specializes in quick sales. Even in a slow market we can help.

We can still help even if you think you maybe out of options!

Yes, that is right. We're still able to help most home seller who think they don't have any options left.

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* Conditions apply where Agent and Seller must agree on the market value


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