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Florida Connects can help seller and buyer out of any situation. Fast, Discreet, On Time Closing at the Price Wanted and Needed.

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The Journey

Florida Connects is a full service real estate brokerage specializing in selling properties for the best price and in the least amount of time possible.

Especially, in the real estate industry, often shackled by conformity and outdated practices, Florida Connects want to empower both seller and buyer who work with Florida Connects by giving them confidence to receive services each deserve.

That is why Florida Connects doesn't belief in long term contract with any seller or buyer. When working with Florida Connects Incorporated, seller and buyer can cancel their contract at any time if they are not satisfied with the service Florida Connects provides and they will pay nothing.

There are stories of client satisfaction, and personal fulfillment, painting a clear picture of Florida Connects vision coming to life. Real estate clients, invigorated by her approach, share their experiences: "Florida Connects agents, go above and beyond," says one, illustrating the profound impact of no contract shackles.

Meet Annett T. Block The Real Estate Broker

Meet Annett T. Block the Founder and CEO of Florida Connects Incorporated.

Annett prioritizes sharing her knowledge and experience – with buyer, seller and investors as a Real Estate Broker.

As an active Real Estate Broker for over one-and-a-half decade and favorite Real Estate Marketing Mentor for over 2,000 agents Annett is able to take a look at both the real estate industry and the marketing and advertising industry, from a professional point of view where she can combine what each industry needs and at the same time understand what it is like being a seller or buyer, allowing her to build strategies for a successful real estate transaction.

Annett wants to make real estate transactions as simple, transparent and accessible as possible while it has been too complicated for too long. After successfully selling numerous homes in the area, Annett can tell with confidence what works and what doesnt work to get the best price for her seller and buyer clients.

The most mistakes both a seller or buyer can make is hiring a real estate agent they may or may not know. There's is a lot of questionable advice out there, from "personal finance experts" on TV or from friends and family. Annett's suggestion is to know what seller and buyer want from an agent they are looking to hire. Know and understand what is important to you as a seller or buyer. Ask smart questions, such as accessibility to the agent, agents knowledge about the buying or selling process, their knowledge about the specific market, the agent sale statistics' etc.. Check out an agent on social media and what presence they are having. Is the agent proving valuable and relevant resources to their community or do they just post once in a while a home for sale.

The biggest mistakes Annett see's is that buyer pay to much for their new home and seller with an unrealistic price expectation where the home never sells or than sells for much less than it should have been sold for when price correctly in the market.

Florida Connects knows there is no substitute for having a trusted advisor on a seller or buyer side that has authority, credibility and proven, aggressive and effective strategies for both representing buyer or seller in any local market.

The Sellers Team

There is no substitute for proven, aggressive and effective marketing strategies for selling a home Fast, Discreet, On Time Closing at the price you want and need.

Customized seller approaches are key and we can guarantee to sell each home for 100% of market value or an price acceptable to a seller*.

Effective marketing strategies calls out to the buyer that is most qualified to buy your home. The right marketing on your home will say the right things, in the right place at the right time, and compels qualified buyer to reach out to find out more about a home.

Florida Connects works with their own marketing department The Digital Adopters where the advertising is so effective, that at any time, there are at least daily 100 new buyers enter Florida Connects buyers list.

The most qualified buyer will join Florida Connects biggest North America's home buyer network and let the power of the home buyer network go to work for seller today.

* Conditions apply where Agent and Seller must agree on the market value


This book was written by Annett T. Block to guide Seller and their Real Estate Agents and on how to rule the online world when selling a home.

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Florida Connects has won the respect of many buyers from all over the world interested in the Florida Real Estate Market as a result of the out of the box strategies and thinking with an innovative, inspiring and vibrate approach.

Starting with their most effective marketing strategies that attracts the most qualified buyer to be able to join the biggest International home buyer network and get the best price possible when it comes to buying a home. The International home buyer network will work for the buyer and gives the power to the buyer in todays market. In fact many buyers will have first access to properties before any other buyer will gain access to them.



Hello, Grüß Gott And Guten Tag!

Annett was born and raised in Germany and moved in her early thirties to South Florida where she brought her accent straight over from germany.

If you can not see her, you definitely will hear and recognize her through the cute german accent. Annett is married to her husband Frank and together have one amazing and beautiful daughter Virginia. Annett is a member of SPS, ABR, RSPS, GREEN, NAR, FAR and the Broward, Palm Beach

and St. Lucie Board of Realtors. She holds an active Brokers License.

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Florida Connects considers the South Florida real estate market as a potential "safe haven" for investors due to its historical market resilience and continued demand. However, it is important for all potential real estate buyer, seller and investors to understand that "safe haven" does not imply a guarantee of investment protection or immunity from losses. Real estate markets can be influenced by a variety of factors including economic shifts, changes in tax laws, and natural events which can affect property values and market dynamics. We advise all potential prospects, customer, clients to conduct thorough due diligence and consider obtaining professional advice tailored to your individual financial circumstances before making any real estate buying, selling or investment decision.


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