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Florida Connects Lauderdale by the Sea

Lauderdale By The Sea History

February 29, 20202 min read

Want to know what Lauderdale by the Sea History is and what it has to offer?

Annett T. Block here with Florida Connects in our Lauderdale by the Sea Community bringing you some History.


Today I am here in front of our Lauderdale by the Sea Town Hall which was built in 1958 with no money or very little money available.

But we don’t only have a Town Hall but to my left, we have Jarvis Hall, but also behind Jarvis Hall, we do have our Police Department, Fire Department, and our Emergency Service Department.

Lauderdale by the Sea was founded in 1924 by Mr. William Morey and it went bankrupt in 1933.

In 1947 Mr. Glenn Fried Sr. reinstated the city charter and our first major was Mr. Melvin Anglin. And those are names you are hear floating around in our city and will hear very often.

But today here at our townhall there are very, very important decisions are made. And one of the important decisions made that was made that no one can build over 33 feet.

When you are driving around town you will notice we don’t have too many high story buildings and nobody can build over 33 feet, they once that di have been grandfathered in but new buildings will stay under 33 feet. This decision was made to assure our lifestyle and quality of life.

Lauderdale by the Sea is very easily accessed, we have public access to the ocean, we have a playground, we have a basketball court, we have tennis courts and our Glenn Fried Park which are all public access.

We also have bars and restaurants; we have little shops and family business and we all make sure to support our small community with our small businesses.

Lauderdale by the Sea is just the place to be, the place to live and we love it here, we work here and we live here.

Please share this video if you like it and share our beautiful city which is a little piece of paradise here on earth.

Thank you for watching this video, Dankeschoen and Auf  Wiedersehen!

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